Brass Scrap Price Per Kg In Bangalore

brass scrap price per kg in bangalore

Brass scrap is one of the most valuable metals that can be recycled. It is used in a wide range of industries, from construction to electrical engineering.

The price of brass scrap per kg in Bangalore varies depending on the quality and quantity of the metal. The average price for high-quality brass scrap is around Rs. 500 per kg. However, this can vary significantly depending on the supplier and the current market conditions.

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We buy the following types of Brass scraps by offering a price

√ Mechanical products


Red brass contains


√ musical instruments


√Plumbing and dishwasher 

√ Lamp fittings


√  Musical instrumentser tube and pipe


√  Brass pipes


√  Boilers.

Product Rate per Kg Per Ton Updated On
Red Brass Scrap Price 250rs 250rs 30-october-22
Hard Brass Scrap Price 210rs 210rs 30-october-22
Household Brass Scrap Scrap Price 200rs 200rs 30-october-22
Brass Shell Cases Scrap 220rs 220rs 30-october-22
Brass Turnings 215rs 215rs 30-october-22